Anguilla Real Estate

First time visitors to Anguilla who wish to invest in Anguillan real estate should attempt to receive advice from a local real estate agent. Real estate agents in Anguilla are generally very helpful and able to provide professional information about real estate opportunities, market trends, prices, regulations and the types of real estate investments that can be made. Local Anguillan real estate agents will also have valuable firsthand knowledge about the various communities in Anguilla and be able to make suitable recommendations based on the client’s business or personal needs and budget. A real estate agent may also lessen the amount of paperwork that a client may have to personally handle and give referrals to accountants, lawyers, bankers and architects. Before choosing a real estate agent, finding a directory of real estate agents in Anguilla and consulting with at least two or three of them would also be wise.

People may get involved in Anguillan real estate for various reasons such as building a Caribbean dream home, settling in a new country for family or personal reasons, undertaking business ventures such as setting up private offices, restaurants, stores and offshore companies, investing in the tourism sector by building resorts and hotels or buying land for resale and development as a means of increasing the property value and earning an income.

Anguilla is a fully developed tourist destination, has a steadily expanding financial center and is an offshore tax haven. This makes owning property in Anguilla a wise investment and increases the possibility of receiving high returns on real estate investments through renting villas and private residences or providing different types of services.

Anguilla’s main features include its beautiful blue coasts of white sand beaches with panoramic views of nearby islands such as St. Martin and St. Barthelemy, Anguilla cays, exotic villas, star resorts, hotels and a developed financial services industry.

Renting or buying a villa in Anguilla is one of the first steps to sharing a piece of paradise. Villas in Anguilla may range between newly and recently built featuring as many as 16 bedrooms and en suite bathrooms, well maintained and manicured grounds with excellent amenities, beautifully designed and fully equipped kitchens, dining and sitting rooms and fresh or salt water swimming pools. The works!

Choosing a villa for rent or purchase may depend on location, amenities, size, personal taste, the reason for wanting the villa and the potential buyer or visitor’s budget. Location may include coastal regions, beachfronts, inland, secluded, rural or urban areas or in the center of the capital, The Valley.

Two communities in Anguilla that offer many real estate opportunities are Blowing Point and Barnes Bay.

Blowing Point features several villas such as Rosamaris Villa – a 20, 000 square foot villa featuring 14 bedrooms with private en suite bedrooms, swimming pool and central air; Caribera – an 8 bedroom fully air conditioned 3 storey villa featuring a private swimming pool; Villa Paradise – a 7,000 square foot 6 bedroom oceanfront property and Ananke – a 3 bedroom located on the coast with a large sun deck and flower garden. Sarasvati is a fully air conditioned 8 bedroom home that overlooks French St. Martin and Saba Island, Papagallo features a 9 bedroom 6,000 square foot villa situated on the coast, at the most southerly tip of the Anguillan peninsula with fantastic views or neighboring St. Martin and Saba Island and Seasong has 5 bedrooms with a large salt water pool and view of St. Martin.

At Barnes Bay, the villas include Infinity, which is a 7 bedroom 14,000 square foot residence with granite counter tops and hardwood ceilings, Cerulean – one of the most popular villas in the region featured on internationally renowned magazines with 5 star resort amenities, and Harmony, a 7 bedroom 14,000 square foot with floors made out of marble and tropical hardwood ceilings.

The Wallblake International Airport and Blowing Point Ferry Terminal allow for easy, regular and frequent travel to North and Central America and Europe through connecting flights from Puerto Rico and other islands with international airports. Anguilla real estate investors and businessmen can easily conduct business and explore other real estate opportunities in the region. Anguilla has four domestic banks that facilitate international monetary transfers and provide ATM, credit card, debit card and online internet banking services.